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Welcome. We are pleased to offer for your listening pleasure and edification the sermon messages (and some music) from Pacific Church of Irvine.

The purpose of this site is to make our church's sermons and messages available to the broader community and to those who would like to share the messages or just hear/rehear them after the fact. We think the messages will be of value to many Christians, seekers, and married couples. Most of them are given by our Pastor Seth Gatchell.

Of the messages, our core relationship with Jesus is emphasized and, usually, we are reminded that those things we cling to are being exposed by God. God wants all of us, every bit.

We think and hope that from these messages you will be blessed.

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Note, if Internet Explorer asks if you want to run Media Player IN the browser, We suggest you choose not to. Regular Media Player should be fine and not require plug-in downloads.

Other players like RealPlayer and Winamp work fine too.

Technical Notes: Media Player and Winamp work well. These and Realplayer allow you to slide the progress bar to anywhere in the message, though some versions of Realplayer has a bug on long MP3's (like these) where it does not play the last 20-30 seconds of a message. AOL's player is really not too good and you may want to make Media Player the default - to do this you fire up Media Player, go to Tools | Options | Formats and then click 'MP3 Format Sound' so that the box is white/clear with a check mark.

Itunes/Quicktime Player problems
Apple has introduced a bad computer element which many Itunes users now have. Their Quicktime program will grab the assignment of playing MP3 files from websites, and even if you set it's settings NOT to do this, it refuses to let go. And here is the big problem with Quicktime being in charge of those files: Quicktime wants to download the entire MP3 file before beginning to play it. So with 30-40 minute sermon files there can be a considerable delay under Quicktime.

Therefore, in this link are the instructions for correcting the problem. Unfortunately they involve some manual editing of the registry, so get some competent help if you are going to fix it.

Comments, etc:
If you have comments about the material, you might make them at the FL forums.

I suppose if a CD version is desired, the church might be contacted and a CD ordered for about $5, although this isn't the intent and may not be possible.

Technical Notes about the message formats:
The audio is stored as MP3's and the usual links allow you to listen to a message as a stream. If you want to grab an MP3 and download it for later use, feel free to do so. Just right click and save. You can find the MP3's in the following folders